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“Imogen is very approachable and a great communicator, with heaps of common sense!  She pro-actively took the project on with bounds of enthusiasm, as if it were her own………”

Lisa Skeffington, Consultant Psychotherapist

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‘I knew I needed support in order to take my business to the next level. Support empowers you to move forward – sometimes we think, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I should be able to do it myself’. However, we always pay – either in time or money. Finding someone to support you in your business is critical for growth. Finding someone who honours your work, understands your purpose and works alongside you to fulfil your mission and plans is another support level altogether and Imogen does this holding the space for all the technical parts and your needs as a business owner with honesty, integrity and passion.

When your business is growing, its important to work in your zone of genius. I understand mail chimp and word press but it’s not by any means my genius zone. To have Imogen help me with the automation piece, the nurture sequence, connecting all to my website, ensuring that my website was updated and automating the email series through Mailchimp. This meant that I can be rest assured that everything works, everything is seamless and my clients receive a flawless automated service in a world where if you haven’t mastered the online world you will be left behind. The good news is – you do not have to master the online world – Imogen does this for you with an experienced hand, explaining everything simply and a real professional touch and finish.’

Jo Soley

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Imogen Allen

Imogen Allen is a Virtual Digital Manager providing digital services and support to businesses.

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